Educational Visitors’ Center

Do you want to explore up close the place that hosts so many exciting events, from ambassadorial credentials ceremonies to discussions toward establishing new governments, to pressing dialogue between leaders, to welcoming ceremonies for foreign presidents and the annual Independence Day event honoring the IDF’s outstanding soldiers? You are warmly invited to the educational Visitors’ Center at the President’s Residence, where you can get to know up close the official residence of Israel’s presidents through the ages, the role of the presidency as a unifying institution that fosters social cohesion and builds bridges, and President Isaac Herzog’s vision and his work together with First Lady Michal Herzog.

President Isaac Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog, along with the staff of the Office of the President, invite you to the educational Visitors’ Center at the President’s Residence—the beating heart of all the communities that comprise the rich mosaic of Israeli society. At the Visitors’ Center, you will be able to learn about the history of the President’s Residence, Israeli presidents throughout history, the role of the presidency in general, and the work of the current president, in particular.

During your visit, you’ll take part in workshops and activities tailored to your demographic, discover more about President Herzog’s vision, and delve into “Time to Talk: The President’s Initiative for Dialogue,” operating with the President’s Residence and beyond. By the end of your visit, we’ll be able to imagine together a shared Israeli tomorrow that will benefit all of us.

You are invited to discover, directly and up close, the place where so many exciting events take place—from ambassadorial credentials ceremonies and discussion on the establishment of new governments, to dialogue between leaders, to welcoming ceremonies for foreign presidents and the annual Independence Day event honoring the IDF’s outstanding soldiers.

What does a visit include?

During your visit to the President’s Residence, you will learn about the work of the president and his staff, understand his routine, vision, and work, and get to know the ways he is influencing Israel and its society. During your visit, we will tour the ceremonial areas of the President’s Residence and its gardens, learn about the history of the building, its artwork, and archeological exhibits, watch a video about the work of Israeli presidents throughout history, and discover interesting stories about events at the president’s official residence.

The Visitors’ Center team will be happy to incorporate tailored workshops and activities in the spirit of Time to Talk: The President’s Initiative for Dialogue into tours for groups and organizations. In these workshops, we’ll learn about presidential leadership and acquire skills for listening, conflict management, respectful discourse, and consensus-building. Together, we’ll learn about the role that each and every one of us can play in promoting a shared and better future for all of us.

גינת בית הנשיא

Credit: יגאל סלבין

The tour route changes based on the needs of each group. Among the diverse groups that visit the educational Visitors’ Center are representatives of all groups and communities in Israel, leadership programs for youth and adults, senior officials, local leaders, military commander courses, business, public, and non-profit sector management, and more.

It’s Time to Talk with us!

The team the educational Visitors’ Center is working to spread the president’s vision and conduct activities under the banner of the Time to Talk initiative, not only at the President’s Residence but all around Israel, giving thousands of Israelis an experience of constructive and inclusive dialogue, and providing tools and capacity to engage in dialogue around disagreements in diverse communities throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Main Hall in the President’s Residence

Credit: President’s Spokesperson’s Office

Time to Talk: The President’s Initiative for Dialogue

Many NGOs and organizations are already conducting a range of activities under the auspices of the president’s initiative, bringing together Israelis from all sectors of society to meet in professionally facilitated discussion groups. If you also work for an NGO or organization that has adopted the President’s vision and want to improve our society’s ability to delve into and discuss its disagreements, replacing a divisive discourse with constructive dialogue, promoting arguments “for the sake of the heavens,” and mitigating polarization and baseless hatred, you can submit a request here operate under the banner of Time to Talk: The President’s Initiative for Dialogue.

During the tour and activities, we’d love to get to know you and hear your voices—the President’s Residence, the People’s House, is your home too !

Book a Tour

Visiting the President’s Residence is free of charge!

Visits must be booked in advance. You may sign up for a 90-minute visit and tour (including the security check) in Hebrew, Arabic, or English.

Please note: You may only visit the President’s Residence through an organized tour. The President’s Residence is a living and active institution, with a tight timetable that is always subject to change. We advise booking a tour at least a month or two in advance. There is a possibility that before your visit, we will have to postpone or cancel your tour owing to other engagements at the President’s Residence.
  • Entry to the President’s Residence is subject to a security check.
  • No weapons allowed.
  • You are advised not to arrive with bags or laptops.
  • Entry is subject to the presentation of ID.
  • Please wear appropriate and respectful clothing.
  • In order to protect the environment, the President’s Residence avoids using disposable utensils. Please come with your own water bottle, which you may fill here.
  • Tours for organized groups (over 15 participants): Organized groups, charities, companies, schools, public sector workers, soldiers, units in the security forces, and family groups with over 15 people are invited to book a tour here.
  • Tours for adults (under 15 people): Individual visitors or groups with fewer than 15 participants are invited to book a tour here.

Organized group tours (more than 15 PAX)

Organized groups, non-profits, corporations, schools, state employees, soldiers, defense personnel units, family groups larger than 15 participants can schedule a tour here.

Organized Tours for Adults (less than 15 PAX)

Single Visitors or groups numbering less than 15 participants may schedule their tour here.

Tours for families and children

The President’s Residence is also open to children and invites the next generation of the State of Israel to enjoy a unique experience and discover the institution of the Presidency! You can sign up for family tours, tailored for children up to the age of 15, here.

How do I get to the President’s Residence?

The President’s Residence, 3 Hanasi Street, Jerusalem.
The President’s Residence is served by Egged bus route 13 at the Beit Hanasi bus stop.

You may also walk to the President’s Residence from the following bus stops:
Azza/Radak (~5 minutes). Buses: 9, 17, 19, 19a, 22, 92, 517, 791.
Keren Hayesod/Ahad Ha’am (~10 minutes). Buses: 7, 7a, 18, 34, 34a, 71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 77a, 78, 78a.

You may also park at the (paid) public parking lot at the Jerusalem Theater, at 1 Prof. Ya’akov Sheskin Street (~7-minute walk).